‘It follows’ | Analysis | 10 i karakter

It follows, is a brilliant film written and directed by David Robert Mitchell. He has made a profoundly unsettling and affecting film

without much usage of typical horror cliches such as Jump scares, over the top gore, and other horror blunders.

One of the many great things about this movie is that you can interpret the story differently. I analysed the story as to how victims of rape and how sexual stigma affects following after their experience.


The Follower is an analogy for negative attitudes connected towards sex and the inevitability of death.

By confronting this stigma with the help of friends, romantic, and a sexual partner, that jay can overcome this threat.

Apart from Jay, all other confirmed targets avoid the Follower without telling anyone and then discreetly pass it on to someone else, or simply just ignore the Follower.

None of these people seeks the help of friends, family, or police. Unlike the other targets, Jay discloses information about the Follower, seeking assistance and advice from her friends and family.

And with their help, she can overcome the Follower and the social and sexual stigma the Follower represents.

Jay manages to wound the Follower with a gun at the boathouse, which is also essential because it's the first time her friends see hard, undeniable evidence of the Follower.

Acceptance from the group allows Jay to injure the Follower, as her belief in the Follower is verified. After she wakes up in the hospital, she convinces Greg to sleep with her.

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