How marketers target kids | Engelsk HHX

My topic is “how marketers target kids”. I have read a text about how marketers target kids. It is about the marketers are targeting and are affecting kids from a small age. I will tell you about one of the techniques, which is called pester power, what the corporations want to achieve by trustworthy brand, and about how the marketers are targeting kids. I will also give my opinion about the marketers are targeting the kids on the internet.

Within the topic “How marketers target kids” is there many techniques, and methods that they use. One of the techniques that the marketers are using to affect the kids, is called pester power. The reason that the technique is called “pester power”, is because the marketers are using their power to get the kids to nag their parents to buy them stuff. Most of the time It would be something that they probably wouldn’t have bought if their kids weren’t nagging. From the age of 3, the kids are able to nag their parents. They know what they want. The marketers get the kids to see special labels in the nursery and in the schools, and then they grow up with labels that they can remember.

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