The NORD Nordic Target group | Noter

• Target group (socio-economic, lifestyle, Demographic, etc) -
• Ideas (and the process of getting and selecting ideas (one or more) -
- Idea 1.
- Idea 2.
- Idea 3.
• Augmented Service (‘servicepakke’ in relation to Idea)
• Experience Economy model (4 Realms of../Kap 16 Systime)
- Passive participation/Absorption
- Active Participation/Absorption
- Passive participation/Immersion
• Relevant parts of the Marketing Mix (7 P’s) – with emphasis on promotion P
- Place:
- Price:
- Promotion:
- People:
- Process:
- Physical evidence:
- Product:

The NORD Nordic Target group is very wide. They have 4 fundamental Target groups.

1. 18 - 19-year-old studies in Copenhagen, Helsingborg or Malmö, are cultural users, ideally read books in their extra time, and their media propensities keep themselves to the web and streaming TV.

2. Men and women above the age of 41, preferably with a medium or long educational background. They work or are resigned. They ideally read in their spare time and are preferably library customers.

3. Individuals between the age of 16 - 20, studies in a general, technical or business college.

4. Young men and young women in the age group of 6-16. Studies in an elementary school. The festival has a school program for primary schools, so the tours and information the kids get from the school program are primarily educational.


Idea 1.
We think they should extend their gathering of authors and writers to attract more individuals and expand their festivals to the rest of the Scandinavian countries

which would attract more people to their event, and make this particular idea conceivable. This is a high risk/high reward idea, supposing they don’t prevail with the process of getting more authors, and expanding their festival, they have lost a great deal of money on nothing.

On the other hand, if they succeed with this idea, they will have a way greater name and company. Their festival will now be known in the hole of Scandinavia.

Idea 2.
Another idea we had, was a low risk/ high reward point on the risk/gain matrix.

We figure they should attempt to gather more sponsors than they as of now have, if they succeed with getting more sponsors, they will have a larger money pool to exploit.

This would make it feasible for them to utilize more money on promotion, which would bring about them reaching a larger audience.

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