How do we solve humantrafficking | Argumentative Essay

Every year innocent children and grownups are being enslaved and forced through borders against their will.

Yet the media coverage seems slim to none. The world carries on and worries about the bigger problems, which concern the highest number of people, like climate change, ongoing wars and as these problems diminish other problems arise.

Humantrafficking has been targeting those who do not have the means to protect themselves and as we solve our problems we must change our focus to help those in need.

This leads to our problem - How do we solve humantrafficking?

Many people would also wonder, who would feel entitled to perform such acts of cruelty. If taking history as an example, these people see their fellow humans as something less than human.

Often people do not possess the ability to perform such acts of violence or cruelty, but by twisting their view of other people humans can often change their behavior.

When people from Europe stole men, women and children from africa back in a time, where slavery was normal most people did not see these african humans as humans.

Their life was not valued much more than an animal nor seen as more. As time progressed history shows that people became aware of this, but neglected to acknowledge this.

In our day and age there is no running away from the fact that some people are less likely to be able to defend themselves and that other cultures do not have equal rights for both sexes.

But when estimates tell us that there are people in richer and more developed countries well knowingly choose to abuse and disregard other humans rights, there is talk about humans who neglect to see humans as their fellow human or purely and just evil humans.

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