How crime fiction is giving misinformation | Opgave

Crimes, empty spaces, and captivating, enigmatic cases - crime fiction is the nexus of murder mysteries, dragging the reader along fascinating scenarios.

Crime fiction comprises a staggering 25-40% of all book sales. The genre’s key elements are suspense and mystique, carefully and deliberately dropping hints as the story progresses through its typically meticulous descriptions.

From that, it can be extrapolated that viewers are negatively affected by the shows and books they enjoy, incurring anxiety and distress.

The graphical scenes and descriptions of the process of murder might be too much for the average consumer.

Readers are no exceptions, as books only allow for your imagination to unfold even more expansively.

Consumption of crime fiction puts the consumer at risk of some serious mental health consequences.

Therefore, it may be prudent to think twice about indulging in crime fiction before bedtime.

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