Hallo, my name is Oliver. I am from the University of Texas. Today I want to talk about giving ex-cons a second chance. Many ex-cons have problems with finding a new job after prison. They struggle to move on with their lives and become a part of society again.

Those that want to have a fresh start of life, when it feels like nothing is going right. Anyone should have the right to have a second chance, if they are motivated and really dedicated to make an effort.

Statistics shows that 30 percent of adult offenders released from state prisons are rearrested within the first six months after their release. Also that 67 percent of ex-cons return to prison within three years. This is the problem.

To many offenders do not know what to do after prison and when this happens, they become insecure and in a way forced to return to crime. We need to help them.

Other statistics shows more positively that 93 percent of ex-cons who did find a job was successfully reintegrated into society and stayed out of prison.

This is very positive and a great example that many of these offenders really want to stay out of crime and are ready to work. Then there are those who simple just cannot find a job. More than 60 percent of former inmates cannot find work within their first year after prison.

America needs to be better. Companies should try to be more helpful because a research shows that a criminal record can reduce an employer’s interest in an applicant by 50 percent, but why? Ex-cons are just as good workers as “normal” people.

The state of Texas has the largest prison population than any other state in the country with almost 145,000 people being imprisoned every year.

These numbers of prisoners would be significantly lower if Texas became better at hiring ex-cons. This should be a big encouragement to consider ex-cons.