A Second Chance | Manuscript

Hello everyone.
My name is Camilla and I study sociology at the university of Texas.

I´m here today to give a talk on the importance of giving ex-cons a second chance, and the impact it has on both society and American companies when we do not give them another chance. Many ex-cons have problems with finding a new job after prison.

Many of the inmates are low-level offenders who are not violent, and they do not have a significant criminal history.

That’s why I think they deserve a second chance - but I know it’s not that easy. More than 600.000 are released from prison each year, and statistics show that 97% of offenders return to their communities.

Offender returns with an expectation of returning to the job market, but not everyone gets a fair chance to get a job. 262.000 federal prisoners released from prison from 2002 to 2006, half of those unable to secure employment committed a new crime or violated parole and was sent back to prison.

Statistics show that 67% of offenders return to prison within three years of their release and 75% of former offenders were unemployed one years after their release.

Other statistics shows more positively that 93% of ex-cons who did find a job was successfully reintegrated into society and stayed out of prison.

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