You are a student of sociology at the University of Texas. You have been asked to give a speech to business people at a seminar entitled “A Second Chance” hosted by the Texas Association of Business.

In the speech, you provide prison statistics and your comment on the importance of giving ex-cons a second chance - not just for society, but for American business too. You outline different incentives and encourage business people to hire ex-cons.

Write the manuscript in English. Word count: 800-1200 words.

Use the following sources:
I: Business owner gives ex-cons a chance at new start (1:28)
II: Giving ex-cons a second chance on the assembly line
III: Can hiring ex-offenders make a business more profitable?
IV: Commentary: Is Texas wasting money by locking up so many people? Easy answer is yes

You may use additional sources in English, for example from the Internet. Do not forget to document all your sources.

Hello and welcome to all of you who are here today. I would like to start by saying a big thank you for having me here today, I am very grateful. My name is Josefine and I am a student of sociology at the University of Texas. I have been asked to give a speech on “A second chance”.

There have been a lot of talk about if ex-cons should have a second chance and how. I have followed the situation closely for many years, from many perspectives and now I want to share my knowledge with you.

First, I would like to provide prison statistics and to show why it is so important to give ex-cons a second chance, I will also tell you about different programs which is trying to help formers inmates, getting a job, after prison. Furthermore, I would like to talk about why business people should hire ex-cons and why you should.

It’s so important to give the ex-cons a second chance. Here is an example of a man who is a former inmate, who now has almost everything you could ask for.

Jimmy Erickson was in prison from when he was 25 years till he was 46 years old. A month and a half after he came out of prison, he got a job with Butterball Farms.


Why shouldn’t you hire a former inmate? Are you scared or just thinking that it is wrong? What is the reason? Because I can’t see why business people shouldn’t hire a former inmate.

Because if they don’t get a job, there is a big chance of them returning to prison and that wouldn’t help anyone or anything. I will give you an example of a man who is giving those with a criminal record a second chance.

Jeff is the owner of Sicilian Pizza & Pasta, he knows that it can give these people a chance to escape a cycle of violence. Jeff hired a former inmate and now he is one of the best employees because he is giving everything and he wants to show people wrong and to get a new life, without criminality.