Hot Dog | Analyse

1. Write a summary of "Hot Dog" in about 150 words.

2. Write a short analytical essay (at least 300 words) about "Hot Dog". You must focus on the main character Matt. Include the following terms in your essay: setting, conflict, camera movements and ending.

3. Taking your starting point in the short film, discuss how stressful situations can impair your judgement. Use at least two phrases from the box below in your discussion:

The short film “Hot Dog” is written and directed by Patrick Muhlberger, in 2020.
The short film begins with a group of coworkers having a conversation on their way to work.

One of the coworkers, Matt, tries to get his coworkers to hurry up, but they see a dog stuck in a car, with the window barely open. They go crazy and start to tell Matt to call the police.

Matt eventually calls the police but gets put on hold. Matt desperately tries to get a cyclist’s attention but fails and throws a drink at him. The cyclist stops and punches him.

Matt gets upset and walks over to a car and smashes the window to get the dog out, the thing is that his coworkers stand with the dog in their arms and tell Matt that the door was unlocked. Matt looks down and sees that it’s the wrong car.

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