HeForShe Speech – by Emma Watson | Analysis

"HeForShe" is a speech given by Emma Watson at the UN headquarters in New York in 2014. Shortly after the speech had been given, the debate was already red-hot. It was this movement that triggered the growing focus on sexism, but it also questioned whether feminism is actually, as the definition proclaims, "the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities" - I'll talk more about that later. Until then I'm going to emphasize how Emma Watson tries to convince the listener that her point of view is the most correct and rational.

Talking about who Watson is addressing in the speech, is interesting. She is speaking at a UN conference and therefore the direct receivers are the ones physically sitting in the rooming. But what's more interesting is the indirect receiver. The indirect receivers are the ones that are not physically sitting in the room, but hears about the message anyways, through the media mainly. Giving a speech in the UN headquarters brings massive media-coverage, as UN is a globe-girdling organization. It makes it a brilliantly chosen location. That combined with the fact that Emma Watson is a very famous actress who is having a striking posture, makes it an overall well-made speech.

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