Great Britain | Area study | 10 i karakter

1) Account for and analyze how the Welsh population, the Scottish population, the English population and the people of Northern Ireland feel about being a part of the United Kingdom. Find statements/quotes which can be used to illustrate how the different populations feel about being a part of GB/UK. (Remember to make references to the statements/quotes) (300 words) (Yes, this is a difficult task, but try anyway)

2) Independence in Scotland! Account for and analyze the election held on 18 September 2014, and try to predict – based on facts and the present political situation – what is going to happen in Scotland as regards Scottish independence in the future (300 words)
- What will the future bring for Scotland?

3) Account for and analyze the situation in Northern Ireland – politically and historically. (300 words)

4) Find at least 1 newspaper article – in English - dealing with Scottish Independence, and 1 newspaper article dealing with the situation in Northern Ireland, and 1 newspaper article dealing with the present economic situation in the UK, and make a short summary of the 3 articles (200 words each)
- The situation in Northern Ireland:
- The history of the Northern Ireland conflict.
- The present economic situation in the UK:
- The economic context of the United Kingdom.

5) Comment on the present political situation in GB right now; the economy, the unemployment rate, the different points of view on EU membership and the next monarch. (400 words)
- The following websites might be useful:
- The monarch

6) Choose a topic yourselves. Anything related to England, Scotland….. (400 words)
- Crime in UK:

A guy who lived 4 year in the United kingdoms wrote “The UK, as a country, is broken, dysfunctional and undemocratic. The outcome of Brexit is enough to show what I mean by broken.

It looks likely that Scotland and to a lesser extent Northern Ireland will leave. Whole sections of the population feel unrepresented by the London based government.

Very few are happy with how the country is run and are powerless to do anything meaningful about it. When I visit now I see once proud towns looking run down, areas where I walked freely are now dangerous, thriving industries gone forever

pessimistic people where once there was optimism ” Which explains that Scotland and Northern Ireland doesn't have a good relationship with the London government.

The welsh people support Scotland in their fight for independence because they also want to leave. They say that they are treated like second-class citizens and want more power in opinion polls in the government.

they are also not a fan of brexit because the EU aid they had are being made into a new law that the UK government says will protect Welsh businesses but the welsh are critical about and think its just gonna strengthen and centralize the power of London.

But most of the welsh population think it's ok they are in the UK. Well the scottish people want leave because of brexit ruining their seafood export to the EU but leaving the

UK could bring them in serious trouble because some from the London School of Economics and City University of Hong Kong found that quitting the UK’s common market would hit the Scottish economy two to three times as hard as leaving the EU

just counting the impact on trade alone. They added it up to be about 15 billion pounds which sounds crazy. England people love their country and thought the culture was perfect for them which it is but not for those around them .

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