People with a love for history and dramaturgy will almost definitely find the Globe Theatre and its workshop interesting.

Our tour with the energetic and humorous guide Arne, gave us a sneak peek into the original plays of Shakespeare and the beautiful venue in which they were performed. It was exciting to sense the atmosphere in the circular, multi-layered theatre venue.

You are an audacious and talented performer if you are able to reach everyone in the audience, even though this is actually easier in the round Globe Theatre than in other more conventional theatre venues “for the wealthy”.

- The Globe Theatre and workshop
- Tate Modern
- Thursday or Friday night activity
- The Old Bailey
- Museum of London (Renaissance section)
- Imperial War Museum

The museum of London was a paradise for archaeology-buffs and again, people with a love of/for history, because of all the priceless old artefacts laid around the building protected by thick glass.

In the Renaissance section of the museum, there were various objects which represented “London before London” as one of the flyers in the museum put it. A specifically cool aspect in this historical building was to see the old artefacts from the Renaissance period compared to the more modern exhibitions’ pieces.


After numerous very exciting cultural experiences in London with my fellow students, I felt a bit over stimulated. I had been looking forward to our visit at the Imperial War Museum, but this being the end of the week I was a bit sceptical when there was yet another enormous building with loads of cultural and historical heritage.

Tall glass doors and pillars towered above in front of us, when we took the first steps up the stairs. This usual museum façade, however, did not prepare us for the scope or the attention to detail that we were about to experience here.

When walking past the reception and into the centre of the museum building, one could see all of the stories layered on top of each other.