Ferguson | Essay

Tensions between law enforcement officers and the black community in America are not a new thing. In fact, such frictions have probably been constant in the last 150 years since the abolition of slavery.

However, not too long ago, an event involving local police officers shooting unarmed black teenager Michael Brown to death on August 9, 2014, has led to local riots, which soon became a nationwide concern, with other protests taking place in different locations in America.

The event has led to many authors’ presenting their view on the Ferguson Police Shooting and the riots. Carol Anderson is one of them.

Giving her view on it through the article “Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress” from August 29, 2014, which I will now analyze.

The black children were, “hungry for quality education and ran headlong into more white rage.” (s. 2, l. 42-43) They even used brick and mobs at school doors as signs.

She tries to create compassion here with the reader for the kids. How white rage affected children. She also uses it when she talks about white rage nowadays.

How people are still trying to undermine black people's influence in politics. She mentions how conservatives have devised measures, such as photo ID requirements “to block African Americans’ access to the polls.”

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