‘Everyday use’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

We all come from different families, cultures and heritages. Those three words can cause disagreement, and madness.

When family members don’t understand the expressions the same, it can end up in horrible ways. Families can split and hurt each other, when you have opposed opinions of what is important.

An example of this scenario is in the short story “Everyday use” (1973) by Alice Walker. The short story “Everyday use” deals with such themes as family, culture, heritage and disagreement.

Does Mama like Dee more than Maggie? Mama only focuses on Maggie's negative, or unattractive qualities in her descriptions during most of the story.

For example Mama is calling her "homely," and comparing her with "a lame animal." Mama says matter of factly,"

She knows she is not bright. Like good looks and money, quickness passed her by.". But when Mama talks and descrip Dee, she does it with praise.

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