Cat in the Rain | Noter i engelsk

” Cat in the Rain” is about an American couple that is on a holiday in Italian. The American woman looks outside the hotel room window and sees a cat standing outside.

It is a very rainy day, and the woman wants to go down to the cat because she wants to protect it from the raindrops.

On her way out to get the cat, she meets the hotelkeeper. She likes him very much. She gets outside, and no cat is there to see, and she returns to the hotel room where she tells her husband about all the things that she wants.

The husband gets annoyed by her and does not listen. At the end of the story, the maid knocks on the door, holding a cat for the woman, in her hands.

When the woman looks over the landscape, her attention is not on the war monument, but on the cat.

This is important as it implicitly suggests that the wife is not interested in the war. As an American, she is removed from the conflict, unlike the Italians, who have experienced the war firsthand and who come far away to visit the monument.

Instead, it is a small animal that catches her attention. “The cat was trying to make herself so compact that she would not be dripped on.”

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