The drama movie Awakenings is from 1990, and it is based on the biography “Awakenings” by Oliver Sacks. The movie begins in the 1930's, when Leonard was a boy.

He slowly starts detaching with the world and goes into a sort of catatonic state. Then there is a flash forward to the 1960's about 30 years later.

According to the movie “Awakenings” we are to analyse the main character Dr. Sayer. In the movie you follow Dr. Sayers development. In the beginning, you see that Dr. Sayer is at a job interview at the psychotic institution. Dr. Sayer is a very shy man, but evidently also clever and ambitious.

In the beginning he didn’t talk to his co-workers, it is obviously that he didn’t had lots of conversations with others because he is introvert and think different than others.

At first, he has no experience working with people, so when he found out the job had to do with people, he wasn’t so interested in the job. It is shown at the job interview, when he said there for sure was other who was more dedicated for the job. But he got the job, and in the start, he seems very uncomfortable with the task he got.