The novel “Awakening” is a fiction based text, written by the author Jeff Strand. Jeff Strand is mainly known for writing horror comedies, where he uses the language to give a fun element, and the action to make it more horror like. The story was written for a mixed collection of horror comedies called “Splatterpunk Zine”.

• Introduction to the Novel
• Summary Main part/Analysis
• Point of view
• Structure
• Language

The text is written as a letter or some kind of memoir. That can be seen in the end, when the Downtown Dixonville Dismemberer says:

“Anyway, I suppose these are the last words of the Downtown Dixonville Dismemberer, which they were kind enough to let me write down in my own blood. (Excuse my typos) I probably won’t talk to you soon, so enjoy the rest of your evening”

Here he speaks directly to the reader.

The presented language in the novel is not very formal, there is both slang- and curse words. The author uses “everyday” language, so that the story comes of more natural and authentic.

The Downtown Dixonville Dismemberer’s language is very ironic and straight through, we read the thoughts behind what he sais. There is a lot of examples throughout the text, but I have chosen this in particularly because it shows my point:

“Maybe I’d saved the legless guy. I could’ve have stumbled upon a psycho killer, kicked his ass, dragged him to another room, taken his hacksaw with me to ensure that he wouldn’t have it handy if he regained conciseness, and was now standing over the victim to assure him that everything was going to be fine.

“Am I the hero” I asked

“No!” the legless guy screamed. “You’re a monster””