“American History X” is a film from 1998. The main theme is racism from a usual perspective. We are following a former Nazis skinhead, Derek Vinyard, who is desperate to put his past behind him after he get out of prison, and protect his brother for possible following the same path as himself.

Derek Vinyard become a Nazi because of his father murder by a black group. He made a hatred to the multicultural society and become one of the “skinhead” and want to get revenge for his father’s murder. He wants to be the leader in the gang and could control the other. He wants to look like the boss.

We see an episode were the Nazi plays a basketball game against the multicultural group to find out who’s the leader of the basketball field.

But at the same time by the gang got bigger and more members, he began to create a rift between himself and his family.

We see a clip from the movie in black and white, as it was from the past. It was about a family dinner where Derek and his stepdad began to discuss the topic Racism, Derek didn’t think black people should be in this world and then his sister and mom started to interrupt and the whole episode escalated. Derek grab tight her sister, pushed his mother and kicked his stepdad out of the house.