History WW2 | Opgave

Describe: Marshal Stalins May Day order.
Analyze: What did Germany express towards the war crimes
Discuss: Why did Hitler hold a motivating speak to the Germans.

In this letter Joseph Stalin talks about how the world war unleashed by the Germans was coming to an end.

He starts of by addressing a new holiday that he wants to implement; “Today our country is celebrating May First-the international holiday of the working people.

This year the peoples of our Motherland are celebrating May Day in the conditions of the victorious termination of the Great Patriotic War.”

He then goes on to talk about the hard times when the Red Army fought back the enemy troops at Moscow and Leningrad, at Grozny and Stalingrad, and that those times were gone.

” The hard times, when the Red Army fought back the enemy troops at Moscow and Leningrad, at Grozny and Stalingrad, are gone, never to return.”

Later he goes on to talk about The United Nations and that their intention is not to destroy the German people, but to destroy fascism and German militarism.

” The United Nations do not set themselves the task of destroying the German people. The United Nations will destroy fascism and German militarism, will severely punish the war criminals, and will compel the Germans to compensate the damage they caused to other countries.”

Lastly, he wish the fallen soldiers eternal glory for their sacrifice for freedom and independence of their motherland.

” Long live our mighty Soviet Motherland! Long live the great Soviet people-the victor people! Long live the victorious Red Army and Navy! Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in the battles for the freedom and independence of our Motherland!”

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