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Taempeh also known as Foodture ApS is a danish food production company, who specializes in plant protein.

The company Taempeh is an upcoming innovative production company. It was founded by Emil Døi von Dijk Jensen and Christian munch-Jakobsen in 09/04 2018. The business is located in Taarnby at Amager Landevej 119 2770 Kastrup.

Taempeh is a Limited Liability Company. Taempeh has 4 employees as of December 2020 (the latest update). Their line of business is in specialized wholesale of food trade.

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Taempeh’s mission is to import, distribute and sell organic and conventional foods and environmentally friendly products both in non-food and food.

With their idea in the bag, they went home again and settled in Odsherred. From here they now produce Nordic Taempeh and work passionately to put it on the menu in the northern kitchen every day.

Taempeh does a lot for its customers. On their website they have several ways to guide the customer. You have the option to read about some of the many recipes, that Taempeh has provided you with on the website.

You can also press the icon “products” to read and learn about all the different variant of products. If that wasn’t enough, then you can also contact something they call “food service”.

Here you can ask any question about the product and learn everything you would need to know about the different dishes.

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