“Only You Farang are so easy to come by and leave” | Review

In 2017 the author Mai Nardone Published the short story “Only You Farang are so easy to come by and leave”. It takes place in Bangkok the Capital of Thailand in 1997 where the main character Lara lives with her smaller family.

Lara’s father is American, and her Mother is Chinese/Thai, we follow Lara as she attends school and how she is experiencing the economical issues happening at home after her father was fired from his job.

Mai Nardone has personal experience with this short story as his household also is bilingual, the same as Lara’s. Nardone’s father is American, and the mother is Thai.

Their relationship doesn’t seem as a mother-daughter kind of relationship but more as a business relationship.

Her mother also clearly represents all the things Lara doesn’t want to become and wants to get away from.

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