My Terrible, Wonderful Mother | Noter Analyse | Maya Angelou

This story written by Maya Angelou is about herself and some of her childhood. She starts by telling us about how her parents met and that their families do not approve of their relationship.

The writer of the story is Maya Angelou. She was a poet/author who is typically known for her very personal and activistic texts. She was a civil rights activist and was mostly focusing on the segrega-tion between black and white people.

It is nicely expressed in this text. The text is mostly about Maya Angelous childhood and the relationship with her mother, but it is clear that she also has some opinions about the culture back then.

“It was a time when if a white person walked down the one paved block in town, any negro on the street had to step aside and walk in the gutter.” (s. 2, l. 2)

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