In the song “Molasses” from the Australian Jazz/funk band Hiatus Kaiyote, the writer, slash, singer Nai Palm, managed to write a brake up song in the perspective, of how she would be in the long term.

It’s very common for Hiatus Kaiyote to make verses that are reaching the limits for how poetic a song can be while at the same time being actually enjoyable.

And this song is no different. The verse is structured in a so-called Haiku pattern, with lines alternating between 5 syllables, then 7, and then 5 again.

We’re introduced to this “you” person in which I interpret him or her to be the former lover.

This person is the remaining fragments of what their lives and experiences have molded them in to being, based on the use of the word relic, maybe these experiences this person went through caused them to have a guarded personality showed in the sentence “relic with an armored heart”.