The 3rd of November 2001 at Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen, a little baby boy was born. The little boy`s name was Johan and he had no clue about what was going on at the time.

The little boy is me and I am now 16 years old, live in Aarhus and have 2 little brothers. I have always been a sporty kid who loves football.

Not a long time ago I started a new chapter in my life, I started at TIE which is a boarding school where I have to live in a year. I really like living here and I am very glad that my parents gave me this opportunity.

In some ways I am really happy to be a boy, but in some ways, I am also really not. One of the biggest struggles of being a teenage boy can be when you sweat, and it just smells so badly.

Except the sweat there are also a few more bad things about being a teenage boy in the puberty. For example, your hair starts to grow in different places than you excepted or the squeaky voice that you get sometimes.

Even though it can be tough to be a teenage boy I am actually pretty glad to be it. If I look at some of the issues that teenage girls have. I mean menstruation, mood swings, make up and just your look in general.