Inequality in the US | Engelsk opgave

Dear fellow students at Stevensons University. Today I will give you a lesson of how the Americans views on dreams and hopes have changed over the past. The American Dream we all know quite well, but many of our fellow Americans has lost their faith in reaching and living the American Dream.

Since many people have travelled to the US only for trying to achieve The American Dream, and many haven’t their goal achieved a man called Donald Trump would try to turn it all around by making it possible to live a great life in America. We have loads of poverty around our country, and people living on the streets that can’t even find a job to the lowest wage. That’s why Donald Trump is going to make a new tax reform so everybody can be even.

I’ve heard about this immigrant who travelled here to become a immigrant and chase the American Dream. He said that you had to focus on the people that were surrounding you, that the guy walking past you, or the guy living next door could become your new business partner.

The dream can’t chase you, that’s why you have to chase the dream to make it come true and of course it’s going to mean long nights and a lot of hard work. We have so many tools we can use to make this dream come true, but you really have to fight for it. Remember to learn the things you did wrong the first time, and then keep working then you are might going to feel like the American Dream is alive after all this time.

Here in America we have loads of space to be creative and experience a lot of different things, but there are less than 20 % of our people that feels their living the American Dream how can that be? There are cities and states were the poverty is higher than other cities and states. 40 % of all Americans don’t own a home because they can’t afford, and 50 % of Millennials are paying rent to have a roof over their heads.

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