Racism, Greed and personal development, are all words that describes the film Gran Torino perfectly. The movie focuses on the growing despair in the city of Detroit.

The movie mediates how racism still is a big problem in the world and how it sometimes can lead to violent behavior and misunderstanding. But how has the despair grown this big, and what can change it?

In the end he also gives his much-desired Gran Torino to Thao through his will as a parting gift.

This shows, how the filmmakers want to display that every individual can change to something better, even though you have harsh conditions.

The themes of Gran Torino include racism, gangs, and death. Throughout the film it is displayed how gangs and racism impact the lives of normal people just trying to live their life and how it can ruin families.

Which is shown by the way the Asian gang tries to gain control over Thao and make him into a thug like them.