George Orwell 1984 | Essay | 10 i karakter

We have probably all tried something similar, to be in an insecure situation. It could be that you were on your way home at night after being drunk.

While you are on your way home at night, you may have a feeling that someone is following you. The feeling that you are being persecuted, and can’t be alone, and that all of a sudden something was going to happen to you.

The story takes place in 1984 in London where we meet the main character, Winston Smith. Winston lives in an apartment in victory mansion. The apartment is not what we reflect to be a normal apartment.

It smells of cabbage all over the apartment. His big tv screen is always turned on and it transmits both ways so when he watches it can watch u and hear every single word you say.

Winston barely has food in the apartment the only thing he has is a dark bread that he should forget about for tomorrow.

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