Fake News | Engelsk

Fake news is disinformation that many people fall for. Over the past four years we’ve seen fake news more and more often. It can be really hard to tell fake and real news apart, but what you can do is “first check the news outlet, then read past the headline, check the author, is it a real person?

Check the spelling are there many spelling errors? Are there any sources? Also be careful, only share the articles if you are sure it’s real1” These are some of the things to look after, if you have suspicion about the article you’re reading.

Why even write fake news, what is the point of it? Some journalists gets payed for writing these fake news, mostly because it’s all about the headline.

You click an article because you think the headline is interesting and when you get to the article it can actually have nothing to do with the headline, but you clicked it, so it gets more popular and it will spread, so even more people will be fooled and read it.

“A study by U.S Stanford university questioned more than 7.800 students and 40 percent of these high school students believed a news story simply because it included a photo1.” It can be very dangerous that we believe fake news, also because students often read the news to keep up in class, and we wouldn’t know which of the news are fake, so we can get very poor grades if we believe in the wrong news.

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