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Assignment 1
Find og skriv to forskellige personlige pronominer, to forskellige possessive pronominer, to forskellige relative pronominer, et demonstrativt pronomen og et ubestemt pronomen i nedenstående tekststykke.

Assignment 2
Why Do We Hate Immigrants? The Nation, 2019.
Besvar opgave a, b, c og d med udgangspunkt i nedenstående tekst. Brug relevant grammatisk

a) Otte verballed er understreget i nedenstående tekststykke. For hvert verballed angives verbets tid. Bestem for hvert verballed, om det står i simpel eller udvidet tid, og om det står i aktiv eller passiv form.
b) Find et eksempel på et adjektiv i positiv, et adjektiv i komparativ og et adjektiv i superlativ i nedenstående tekststykke.
d) Foretag en syntaktisk analyse af sætningen:

Powell therefore says that he identifies himself and his experience as an Afro-American with the victims of the shooting, and the Spanish talking immigrants who is being detained in detention. Powell emphasizes the injustices that the immigrants are suffering and observes that they are often denied the most basic privileges.

Powell expresses his hope about America could be an ideal place, where diversity could grow, but says, that right now it is being prevented by the hate, fear and violence.

Powell explains that the anti-immigrant politicians isn’t capable of stopping the human flow of immigrants, that are trying to get a better life in The United States. He compares the immigrants experience with his mothers, who created a life for herself and her children, even though she had been treated with indifference and hate.

The article ends with Powell’s conclusion about the Americans today. They are being choked by racism.

He talks about the fact, the American citizens can’t be free, as long as the immigrants aren’t free.
The sender and author of the article “Why do we hate immigrants?” is Kevin Powell, an Afro-American writer and political activist.

Powell compares Afro-Americans’ experiences with immigrants’ experiences, to show that he knows what the immigrants are going through at this moment. His background is mentioned multilevel times throughout the text. Powell for example talks about his mother’s battle to create a new life for herself and her two children.

This is an example to show the readers, that Powell, like other immigrants, comes from disadvantaged background, and his now being position is achieved by hard work- His personal story makes Powell’s article more convincing, since its written by one person, who have been in almost the same situation.

The articles most important target is the American public, Powell is using the pronoun “we” to create the idea of equality between everyone, who lives in America, despite of their background.

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