Emilia Clarke’s awful Game of Thrones experience | Analysis

Analytical essay on “Emilia Clarke’s awful Game of Thrones experience is proof that nude scenes need to change”

We are in a period of time where gender equality discussions and #metoo campaigns are at their highest, which has brought sexual harassment into the open.

Through eight seasons of the famous HBO show “Game of thrones”, Emilia Clarke has been playing a fictive character who has been exposed to all of the above mentioned.

In the article “Emilia Clarke’s awful Game of Thrones experience is proof that nude scenes need to change “, written by Roisin O’Connor, she is sharing Emilia Clarke’s opinions, and experiences with the many sexual violence scenes in the show.

Roisin O’Connor’s attitude is also shown through her language and choice of words. She is writing in an informal style that falls between the extremes of high and low style. “.

It’s hard to imagine why such an already awful scene needed ramping up, but Benioff and Weiss apparently disagreed.” (P.4).

The middle style is often used by a journalist in serious newspapers, and contains contractions, but does not include vulgarity or slang, which fits well with the article, as we can see in the quote.

She uses a lot of rhetorical questions to place emphasis on her point “Why was the violence inflicted on women in the show so frequently focused on their gender?

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