Analysis speech | Barack Obama | Back to school

In this video I will describe the speech using the rhetorical pentagram.Everybody struggles with something.

Of course, some peopledeal with problems that are more serious than others, but difficulties are a part of life, and everyone has to deal with them at some point.

It’s not always easy waking up in the morning,knowing you have a long day ahead of you – doing the same thing every day.

Furthermore, he mentions that, quitting on your education means quitting onyour nation.

In addition to the value of hard work, Obama mentions multiple students who have all fought, and overcome, different illnesses or physical difficulties.

Obama manages to effectively give the audience a personal relation to his examples and through that feeling,enforce his points.

This could also help some of the students among the audience understandhow some people might have it way worse than they do. In this case, Barack Obama makes use of Ethos, the 1st of three methods of appeal.

Obama also mentions two of the most successful people in the world, J.K. Rowling and Michael Jordan. He uses these two as an example, to clarify how you can’t let your failures define you as person, and as a result of this, he intensifies the message.

In addition, one could argue that he in this scenario makes use of the 2nd method of appeal, Logos, as he uses these examples as evidence to clarify his point.

A part from this example, Obama doesn’t make much use of Logos throughoutthe speech.

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