Why you should love the Danish school system

The school system here in Denmark is simply perfect. There is plenty of reasons why it shouldn’t change. I can still remember when I was attending school, about 20 years ago, it was such a great learning experience because it was the only place, where that kind of knowledge could be achieved.

Where in the world would you otherwise learn what an author thought about when he wrote a story? I’ve never been taught or acquired any knowledge, about other places where you could learn that.

The reason that the school system was so great back then, is the same reason the school system is still great today because it has not changed since except the students now use their computers more instead of pen and papers.

This means that I’m able to help my daughter get the greatest grades, simply because I either can remember what I answered in the specific task from when I attended school, by reading my daughters assignment and then only rewrite 80% of the assignment or by buying an answer sheet of the task online and show her how I would solve the task, by writing it for her.

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