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1. Describe Chris Gardner’s journey in achieving the American Dream (an overview)

2. How does he develop through the film?

3. How is his view upon the American Dream and how can you tell?

4. How is the American Dream presented in the film? (Describe specific scenes as examples and if possible, use cinematic expressions)

5. What is the message of the film?

6. Is it important that the film is based on a true story? Why?

He starts of as a man with money issues and he is selling bone scanners for a living. But the sale does not go so well, the doctors think that the prices for the scanners are too high, so his wife Linda may also work for it, and she is not happy about that, because she also works in a hotel laundry.

She travels to New York and leaves Chris Gardner with the son Christopher. Chris and his son will at the end be homeless, because of pay and scanners, as he tries to sell. But he won’t give up and is working harder than ever.


His definition on happiness is having a safe and secure home, a steady income and he wants his son to be able to pursue his dreams and accomplish his goals.

He also says in the movie that maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we cant actually have it.

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