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My name is Rohan Parshad, and Welcome to this Year’s Regional Debate Competition at Oxford School. I am here to shine light on the very current issue that is the growing poverty problem in the UK.

The Rotten tooth. I will ring up the curtain on the issue both prior to and during the pandemic. Together with discussing the different attitudes to poverty and the consequences of the current austerity policies.

Which seemed like a great idea, though you should note, that the multibillion-pound benefit bill, that the government-funded, supported housing costs in the private sector, with any increase effectively channelled into the pockets of the landlords.

Which in the end only made the economic difference even bigger. And let’s not forget that “Families unable to buy a home who rent from private landlords are among the worst affected following reforms to the benefits system that rewards private landlords, the IPPR said.”

Many of the people who are stuck in this diabolical circle, that is poverty, feel that it is on the behest of the government, that it is their fault.

This circle must be broken, if not, the consequences are dire. Such as them being doomed to an ever-rising social security bill, or a continually increase in poverty among working households.

Secondly, there is also another reason as to why poverty rose from 13% to 17.4% in a mere 24 years, it is due to low wage rises, which also leads to unhealthy habits.

In fact, in the BBC filmed video Why are so many children living in poverty in the UK? - BBC Newsnight. A woman who has suffered from said reasons is being interviewed. A working single mother with 4 kids, cannot afford to live properly.

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