The gloomy side of fame | Essay | 12 i karakter

The majority of us at least once wished a life of being rich and famous. Of course, who can blame us? Many people want to be noticed, wanted, loved, and to have power.1

Therefore we become so obsessed with these celebrities and their life. In fact. we love hearing the latest celebrity gossip, also stalking them on social media, even in real life.

But sooner or later it becomes too much, we as a society only see the perks of being famous. However, life as a celebrity has the backside of a medal too.

According to Selena Gomez all these paparazzi shots, this glamourized life doesn’t mean you're happy.

Because without a doubt a thing like cyberbullying mentally and emotionally drains you. It's exhausting to have all those haters.2

The criticisms will lodge in people's minds nevertheless, and no lawyer, court case, or magician, will ever be able to delete them6.

For those who are already famous, the only way to stay sane is to stop listening to what the wider world is saying.

This applies to good things, as much as to the negative thing7. You shouldn't know. This will make you psychology still be able to feel safe.

We should pay great attention to the fact that today, so many people, especially young ones, want to be famous, and even see fame as a necessary condition for a successful life.

Rather than dismiss this wish, we should grasp its underlying, worrying meaning. They want to be famous, because they are not being respected, for who they are.

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