Pool by Corey Campbell, 2009 – Essay

Write an essay (700-1000 words) in which you analyse and interpret Corey Campbell's short story "Pool".
Your essay must include the following points:
- A characterization of Darla
- The relationship between Darla and Jon
- The main theme
- The ending
- The setting

Many relationships end with a brutal break up, which can be very messy. These destructive experiences affect people in the following years and when they first go through situations like these again they will, in most cases, have some uncontrollable trust issues because of the previously event. Nobody wants to be lonely, but neither fooled again. These feelings and thoughts are represented in the short story Pool, written in 2009 by Corey Campbell.


Page four line 139 shows us that one of the reasons why their relationship is not going to end well is because of the chance that Jon is not really into this relationship neither. It says: “Whenever she got sad, which happened sometimes, Jon acted as if leaving her alone was the best thing”, which indicates that he is not there to help her when she needs him the most. Another aspect of their unhappy relationship is the fact that she, from the beginning, has no faith in it. One of the first things we hear about Darla is that she loves the possibility that they will not end up together (P. 1, l. 11).


The story ends with Darla stripping for Trevor while she changes to his wife’s swimsuit. This surprising ending confirms what we have been thinking all the way through the story. Darla does not care about anything anymore and she is without interest in anything.

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