Motivational speech about Coronavirus | 10 i karakter

Hello Everybody. My name is Martin Ørum. I am a Danish student studying Business Economics at New York University. I originate from Denmark.

At the moment I am back in Copenhagen, because the Danish government has called every Danish citizen back home, because of the global pandemic there is happening right now.

I have been asked to speak about the current ongoing situation, that has come to pass all around the world. The Coronavirus or Covid19 for the official term.

Recently New York surpassed 1000 registered deaths related to the Coronavirus. Although it is a very small amount of people in New York, we are only in the early stages and I believe we have not seen the peak of this decease.

Our city is working around the clock to construct a new emergency field hospital in Central Park. It is our job as citizens in New York City, and the rest of the world,

not to put any more pressure on the health services. We do that by behaving sensible and comply with the guidelines that has been issued by the government and the health authorities.

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