Nowadays a lot of young people take gap-years. Some take it because they’re tired of school and others because they want to experience the world or maybe want to work.

Many companies have seen this as an opportunity to recruit youngsters. They offer to pay for university, they give them travel money for their gap-year and give them annual study bursaries when they study at university. Of course, hoping that the youngsters will work for them after graduation.

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An advantage can be the security the students get after graduating. As said before, it can be hard to find a job after graduating, but the students have secured themselves a job.

It’s not only hard to find a job after university, but it’s also especially hard to find one during your gap-year.

Many companies do not want to hire students for a couple of months when they have no experience. With an offer like this, the students have secured a job both during their gap-year and after getting their degree.

This offer also gives them money to travel for during the gap-year. That’s a luxury not a lot of youngers have. Many need to work for a whole year before they can afford traveling, but by getting £1,500 for this purpose only, the students gap-years gets a whole lot easier.

Another pro for the students is the amount of experience they get doing their work placement. Even if they don’t take the job after university they can write the work placement on their CV.
There can be disadvantages for companies as well.

The students may not graduate university with good grades, so the students may not have the right qualifications for the company that has recruited them, but the companies have promised them a job, so they need to hire them nevertheless.

Another con can be if the students regret accepting the job. The company has spent a lot of money on this person, so if the student doesn’t take the job after graduating university, the company have both lost money, and they have to find another student to recruit.