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We’ve all heard about the famous word “Brexit”. It has been almost impossible to not come across it at some point.

Since the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union, it has resulted in huge debate about whether it was the right decision to leave.

The young voters of the UK feel as if they are not being heard, the educational opportunities, as well as the United Kingdom's workforce is just a small fraction of the issues that are discussed on a daily basis.

Issues as to why the majority voted for Brexit, despite the following consequences? As to where you can wonder - are the young generation voices heard enough in this matter?

The choice to leave the European Union has left the majority of the youth stuttered. Approximately around 73% of young adults under the age of 24, voted to stay in the EU.

Studies also show regardless of their social strata and economics, that the majority of people under the age 30, are pro Europeans.

It can be established from where many people believe that their rights and benefits to which they had been entitled to since birth, have been stripped away from them.

Education as well as job opportunities Geographically, it provides less mobility within these - and more work to make it a success. The freedom aspect of moving around is deprived of them.

The older generation have already benefited from the opportunities the membership of the EU gave, and the youth of the UK take it as they took it for granted.

The young voters of the UK, describe the difficulties about not being heard, and are touring among universities, with the slogan “Our future, our choice”.

They want to be heard, and not be seen as incapable of making future decisions. The youth feel as if they are victimized by the older generation.

Furthermore, the youth are affected most by the economic aspect of Brexit. The benefits of free education, affordable housing, and a good pension will suffer due to the consequences of leaving the EU.

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