A second birth | Noter Analyse | Nadine Gordimer

• Who was Nadine Gordimer?
• Describe the background of Nadine Gordimer’s parents and discuss how Gordimer explains their diverse attitudes towards black people
• Discuss the following quotation:
• As a child, how did Nadine Gordimer gradually become aware of the social conditions in South Africa?
• “We had the classical Southern American or South African situation” (page 44). What does Gordimer mean by that?
• Explain how Nadine Gordimer experienced her upbringing with Lettie
• “It is amazing how quickly you can change as an adult: I’ve often talked about it before as a second birth” (page 45). Discuss what Gordimer means by a “second birth”
• How does Nadine Gordimer describe black women and their situation?

She is an international novelist born in 1923 and used to live in South Africa. She is against apartheid and talks about it in her texts.

Some of her work has been banned and others unbanned, her short stories were never shown in South Africa though.


Nadine Gordimer’s father is a Russian Jewish immigrant who came to South Africa at the age of 13. And her mother came from England at the age of 6 years old.

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