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The Stanford Commencement address (2005) is a speech Steve Jobs presented to the students at Stanford University.

The Commencement address is divided into three important stories from Steve Jobs’ life. The first story explains that Steve Jobs never graduated from Reed college

because he had a hard time understanding how college would help him figure out what he wanted in life. His message from the first story is that you have to trust your gut, destiny

karma or at least something, which means you have to trust that everything will be ok in the future. Steve Jobs' second and last stories message is that even though things seem tough

(getting fired from the company you started, and getting diagnosed with cancer), do not settle, stay hungry and most importantly live your life and not somebody else’s.


Life goes through good and bad times. One day you can create a company, which turns out to be one of the greatest, but the next day you can be fired, even though you created it all.

Life is short; therefore, you should go live it and not let somebody else define it. Most importantly you should do something that you love, because if you do not, is it really worth the time?

This is what Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement address (2005) deals with. The composition of Steve Jobs' Commencement address is divided into three personal stories from his life.

The three stories have a chronological line of actions, which means that the first story deals with Jobs’ early life, the second story deals with his early adult years and the third the time learning about and coping with his disease.

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