Reality TV | Engelsk

What do i think about Reality TV?
Thoughts about reality TV
Why does you see reality?
Reality TV is harmful for the younger generation

Yes, i am one of them there are seeing reality TV in my spare time. Why i do that is because i find it very entertaining to see those there are taking part in the program.

for me can it be because of in exactly reality TV do they organizer do a lot of work to find the most entertaining peoples, peoples there can make the TV funny to look at.

That is one of the reasons why i like to see, but when i am saying that i see reality is it not as much as i did in my younger days i find it a little bit more boring as i’m growing.

I also think that reality need some new program because in all the time i can remember have reality been the same, all the program is about alcohol, sex and luxury it is at least the only program there got my attention.

So if they want to keep there younger viewers they need to find a new program the younger generation want’s to see and still have the interesting part.

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