Individualism | Komparativ analyse | Noter

Individualism 1.39

  • The degree of interdependence in society maintains among its members
  • It has to do with whether peoples self-image is defined in terms of ‘I’ or ‘We’
  • In a individualistic society people are supposed to look after themselves and their family only
  • In collectivist society people belong into groups that take care of them in exchange for loyalty


  • Denmark scores 74 in this dimension
  • There is a high preference for loosely knit social framework
  • And they are expected to take care of themselves and their family.
  • It’s easy to start doing business with Danes.
  • Small talk is kept at minimum and you don’t need to create relationship first.
  • Danes are also known for using a very direct form of communication

Individualism 1.39
- Denmark
- Japan

Uncertainty avoidance 1.53
- Danmark
- Japan

We will go through some ideas of the appropriate business manners when meeting Japanese business partners. Especially the first time 2.08

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