Hooliganism | Essay | 10 i karakter

Football are a big part of the UK, there have been played football since the beginning of the 1900 century, it was when the shorts where very short and the goalkeeper didn’t wear any gloves, it was when football was just football and money didn’t play such a big role, as it does today.

It was when people drink before the game, and came drunk to the stadiums, it was when, you could to almost whatever you want as a hooligan.

It was when you as an away supporter, could sneak onto the home crowd supporters, and give you own crowd a sign and then will the away supporters rush over to the home supporters and it will end up in a big fight.

The main reason to fall of hooliganism is because there is much more focus on it today, you can just not do whatever you want anymore, there are more stewards at the games, and there are cameras everywhere, so if you get caught on them, throwing something on the pitch or just doing something illegal, you are in big trouble.

There was an episode a few years back, where the crowd threw bananas on the pitch towards a black goalkeeper, it was the black goalkeepers own supporters who did it, some of them got caught and got banned for the stadium. And there have been lots of episodes like, over the past few years.

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