Zleep Hotels | Afsætning | 10 i karakter

1. Brieflyaccount for the hotel market
2. Analysekey“Micro& Macro”levelelements in the external environment of the industry.
3. Analysethe use of the promotion parameter at Zleep Hotels
4. Discussthe following statements:
5. Identify essential challenges Zleep Hotelsand further, discuss possible solutions based in business strategies.

The analysis shows that the growth in hotel overnight stays in Denmark has been steady since 2010.

While the capital region is not surprisingly wearing the leader jersey, the Region of Southern Denmark is following suit with an increase in hotel nights of close to 150,000.

There are pages that in recent years many new hotel rooms have been established in Denmark and not least in Copenhagen. The future offers more of the same.

A larger hotel capacity with expansions of existing hotels with more rooms and construction of new hotels in Denmark.

The future must be taken with reservations about the ongoing Corona virus, which in the extreme can mean that the ongoing growth is changed to decline.


Looking at the competition in a broad sense, Zleep hotels compete with both Hotels, Bed& Breakfast and ordinary hotels on the Danish market.

However, the company competes in a narrower sense, with those who have the same core performance. The competitive situation is very different from city to city.

For example, Zleep Hotels at Billund Airport has some other competitors compared to the hotel in Aarhus. In Aarhus, the competitors are, for example, Scandic Hotel in Viby, Cabinn, First Hotels and Oasia.

Hotels in Aarhus vary in price for a single night. Here they have a competitive advantage over this competitor which is on the price.

The competition is particularly fierce in the larger cities, given that more investors have seen opportunities in establishing themselves or increasing its presence with more hotels.

The number of hotels on the Danish market has thus increased in recent years. This suggests that it is an industry where there has been a lot of growth.

Since Airbnbs entered the Danish market, several consumers have begun to use this option to book an overnight stay. However, this is not considered a direct competitor, but rather more in the broad competition.

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