In a country, like Denmark or other Scandinavian countries, you are more likely to achieve the American Dream, by living there.

At least, that’s what the publishers of this article, Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson thinks. If you want to achieve the American Dream, you must move far away from America.

In the article “You are more likely to achieve the American Dream if you live in Denmark”, Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson talks about how the British social mobility is damaged by the UK’s high-income inequality, and how the inequalities damages more things, than only the economic differences among individuals and families, in the country.

The article has used figurative language as well. The figurative language can be seen in the following quote: “So, is there a mandate for change?”. The figurative language that has been used as an example is a rhetorical question.

The use of a rhetorical question makes the reader wonder, but then instead of leaving an open question the writer answers himself.

This article has been written, because people living in low social mobility societies are more likely to drop out of school, which can be seen in following quote: “(..) young people from low income families are less likely to invest in their own (..) (their education) in more unequal societies. Young people are more likely to drop out of high school (…).”

That shows that the circumstances of where you live, have a lot to say about how and where you end up.

When people know they come from a family with a low social class and know that they getting out of that social class requires hard work, they will more likely not put in any work, for getting out of it.