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One has always been told that to be in love is a good thing, right? It feels good in your stomach, your heart beats faster and everything does not matter except for this special person.

But imagine that you might feel that way and you think your significant other feels the same but in reality, he does not. Imagine how that must feel. To be so deeply in love, but it is not returned. That must hurt.

This is exactly the feeling the woman of the story feels but she will not admit it. You are here by Dana Miltins is a short story written in 2018 about love that is not returned. One follows two persons, a man and a woman, and they are in a relationship.

The point of view is interesting and an important factor in this short story because it switches between them throughout the whole short story, meaning that one gets an insight in both of their minds.

One good example is the switch in lines 9-15. These following lines start out in the man’s point of view and then at line 13 it switches to the woman’s point of view.

One knows how they both feel about the relationship and how they feel in general.

An example to this is the following lines, “This was (absolutely) the most wild and romantic thing she had ever done.” (p. 1, l. 17) Here is an insight in the woman’s mind and one can see how excited she is to surprise her boyfriend who has been away for three months.

Here is the reaction of the boyfriend to her surprise visit, “What are you doing here?” This was not the tone she’d imagined.” (p. 1, ll. 25-26) It is clear that the boyfriend got surprised but not in a positive way like the woman had hoped for.

There are more examples to their different mindset,” He needs to sleep but he can’t sleep for the extra heat in the bed, and the hands that wander across his skin.

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