Why Latino children scared of Trump | HHX

Héctor Tobar is born in 1963 in Los Angeles. Héctor is a well-known author, where he published 4 books including a New York Times bestseller. Besides being an author Héctor is also a well-known journalist, mainly focusing on the evolving and interdependent relationship between Latin America and America. Héctor blew up as a journalist after Trump started his campaign, running for the Republican presidential nomination .

Héctor covers up a lot of his critique and points through Latino children's, to criticize Donald Trump. Furthermore, he uses irony and figurative language by comparing Donald Trump to all these different monsters and ghost from Mexico. This is a way to discriminate Trump like he discriminates the Latin Americans. Even though Héctor tries to criticize Trump through all these small gimmicks, they are all still obvious. For example, Héctor compares Trump to some certain politicians from the Weimar Republic, which obviously is a comparison between Trump and Hitler. Because Héctor means that Trump is doing the same as Hitler, by picking on a defenseless group of people.


Trump gets compared to the piñata, mostly because of some of the emptiness in his political talk, such as kicking out the Mexicans and building a wall. The way Héctor makes Trump a piñata is both funny and easy to understand, this kind of way to compare Trump with something meaningful makes the article fun to read and gives it a huge possibility for people to want to read it.

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