Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump | Essay

2020 sept. Analytical essay
“Why Latino children are scared of Donald trump”, is written by the writer Hector Tobar

“Why Latino children are scared of Donald trump”, Is written by the writer Hector Tobar. It was published in the New York Times August 18th, 2015.

I will in this analysis of the article focus on Hector Tobars arguments as well as decide whether Hector Tobar is successful in his communication, or if his Background and nationality overshadows his arguments.

As mentioned above, the sender of the text is Héctor Tobar. He is a man who has a respected reputation, his work has been rewarded many times. Additionally, he is the son of a Guatemalan immigrant family, which makes him a good source to understand the relationship Latin Immigrant Children and families have with trump.

The publisher of this article is The New York Times, whose readers are mostly people with democratic and liberal ideological views, Therefore the readers of The New York Times quite rarely support Trump. The article is primarily based upon Latino families and children in the neighborhood of Lynwood, which is a working-class, suburban neighborhood in Los Angeles.

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