Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump | Essay

What's it like to live as a Latino with a president who doesn't like your identity? Latinos are in this situation.

They now have a new La Llorona, Donald Trump. Is it possible to change Donald Trump's views on immigrants?

The text "Why Latino Children Are Sacred of Donald Trump" is an opinion article written by Hector Tobar.

The article was published in The New York Times newspaper in 2015. The sender of the text is Hector Tobar.

He's an American journalist. The recipients of the text may be the entire American population, but first of all, the recipients of the article will be the readers of The New York Times, where the article was published.

You could also say that the recipient of the article is Donald Trump, because Latin Children wants him to know that what he says about their parents makes them sad.

Their parents aren't what he says. In the following quote, Hector Tobar indirectly has Donald Trump as a recipient: “That's what happens when you attack an entire people” .

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